Anti-Slip Flooring, Stair Treads & Noses

Smyth Composites manufacture a wide range of GRP anti slip products suitable for many applications where conventional materials would not be fit for purpose. Our products provide a quick, safe, effective solution to slippery pedestrian or vehicle traffic areas where slips or falls are a potential hazard.

GRP (or fibreglass) is an immensely resilient material used in applications where high strength / light weight characteristics are required. Our anti-slip sheeting is virtually indestructible, totally shatterproof, and will withstand severe climatic variables, it is therefore ideal for anti slip flooring.

Benefits include:

  • Slip Resistant – Reduces slips and falls
  • Impact Resistant – Long term durability
  • Effective in wet & oily conditions
  • Easy to fabricate – reduces installation costs
  • Ideal for surfaces that cannot be adequately prepared
  • Can be used immediately after fixing – minimizes downtime
  • Non-conductive – eliminates electrical & thermal hazards
  • Suitable for pedestrian, forklift and vehicle traffic areas
  • Helps to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act part 3
  • Maintenance free – will not rust or corrode
  • 65% lighter than steel – easier to handle and cheaper to install


Smyth International “Ultima Low Noise Tail Lift GritPlate” has undergone TNO testing delivering incredible low noise readings of 50dba.  As a result of these excellent test results, carried out in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading truck tail lift manufacturers, plans are already underway to supply large volumes of “GritPlate” to the company who are now fitting this special low noise anti-slip flooring to their large fleet of tail lift trucks.

Recently the Dutch government, who used to restrict night time deliveries due to high levels of noise, have set standards that allow deliveries, within built up areas, between the hours of 11pm and 7am. As long as the noise levels emitted by delivery vehicles is under 60dba their use will be authorised. The UK, along with other European countries, are expected to adopt a similar policy according to the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) which has initiated a ‘Silent Approach’ Quiet Night Time Delivery Scheme. Smyth Composites low noise tail lift gritplate, which reduces the noise of loading and unloading roll cages from tail lift trucks, is currently undergoing assessment by The NAS and we are confident in gaining the certificate they issue to products that contribute to the reduction of noise.

This will obviously be a benefit for distributors and residents in areas where night time deliveries take place. Goods can be transported when the roads are less busy, reducing delivery times (and therefore emissions and fuel costs) and residents will not be disturbed by night time vehicle noise.


  • Available in any BS or RAL Colour
  • Cut to size
  • Available in any thickness from 3mm up
  • Untra-Fine, Fine, Medium or Coarse profiles
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Choice of fire rated resins

Encapsulated Ply

An increasingly popular product widley used in the construction of access ramps where self supporting rigidity is required.  Available in various thicknesses, colours and sizes.

Fire Resistant Treads and Plate

If required, our anti-slip stair treads and anti-slip flooring can be manufactured using high quality fire retardant resins which meet Class 1/0 fire rating.  For the ultimate in fire resistance PHENOLIC resins can be incorporated which produce virtually no toxic smoke and fumes in the event of a fire.  Suitable for use on offshore and underground applications.


GRP Chequer Plate (Durbar)

Solid GRP chequer plate is available in any thickness from 4mm upwards.  Like our other antislip flooring products chequer plate can be produced in any colour and in a range of fire ratings. Maximum sheet size 2400mm x 1200mm. Available with a smooth or gritted finish.  Also available as “Food Grade” anti slip flooring.


Angled Nosings

Suitable for use as edge nosing or non-slip cover angles.  Available gritted or non-gritted and manufactured to customer specifications.

Luminous Finishes

Our anti-slip treads can also be manufactured with a “glow in the dark” luminous nosing to the flat and the riser.  Likewise our anti-slip flooring can be edged with a luminous strip if required.

Different Grades of Grit

We manufacture anti slip flooring using various types and grades of grit from Ultra-Fine, that has been used in swimming pool environments, to Coarse which has been used around oily machinery.

Colour Range:

Black, Grey (RAL 7001) and Yellow (08 E 51) as standard, other colours available from the following ranges:

A Colour Matching Service is also available.    Customers must satisfy themselves that the chosen product/grit is fit for purpose and suitable for use in their particular environment.  Samples are available upon request.

Installation Guide

Each installation will have its own criteria but there are a number of operations and procedures that are applicable in all instances. Preparation and having the correct tools and PPE equipment are all important; therefore we have made available our “Installation Guide – Fitting GRP Anti-Slip Products” which can be downloaded by clicking on the photo opposite.

Cleaning / Maintenance & Life Expectancy

GritPlate is a tough material that can withstand “aggressive” cleaning such as the use of stiff brushes and power-washers as detailed in our cleaning guide.


So if you are looking for anti slip stair treads or top quality anti slip flooring, sheets or noses at low trade prices, with a fast delivery, get in touch and ask for a quote now!